Who we are



UBU Investment shareholders have acquired extensive experience in a wide variety of areas. Our collective experience ranges over the following:

• We have occupied senior positions in several Government departments during a period of major economic reform in South Africa playing an active role in government policy formulation and its implementation;

• We have worked in different sectors of the economy;

• We have extensive experience of working in and interacting with government, business, trade unions and community organisations;

• We have been involved in major negotiations around trade, investment, the environment and regulatory systems, giving us insight into the developments in these increasingly important areas within which the private and public sectors have to operate;

• We have direct experience with some of the most critical infrastructure problems in South Africa and have gained considerable insight into long range planning and financing requirements;

• We have shown a commitment over many years to achieving public purpose and benefit in our work: we fully intend to carry this development commitment through to all our new projects.





The shareholders of UBU Investments have a long history of working in the design and implementation of industrial policies and have established relationships with large South African manufacturers and, in particular, with leading global companies in the energy and transport sectors. The shareholders draw on their past experience in economics, finance, engineering and strategy gained in the roles of planning, negotiating, contracting and managing public and public-private sector investments in the infrastructure and industrial sectors. UBU also draws on a network of highly experienced and skilled specialists across power, rail, ICT, project finance and spatial planning spheres for project origination and development work on the continent.

What distinguishes UBU Investments from other investment and project development companies is our understanding and experience of the catalytic and critical interface between the public and private sectors. Our extensive working experience in both these sectors makes us best placed to drive the multiplier effect that arises when public investment crowds in private sector investment. We have considerable experience in aligning long-term public sector objectives with a strong commercial focus, delivering sustainable industrialisation.

For UBU Investments, strategic economic activities or enterprises are those that have a significant long-term impact on the economy. It is for this reason that our primary focus is on large enterprises (public and private) as these enterprises are the most likely to have a long-term perspective. UBU Investments works with economic processes, programmes and projects that have a significant structural impact on the economy.

We believe that it is beneficial for large enterprises to adopt a proactive stance towards Government policy and take a leadership position in developing initiatives that are aligned to Government policy and objectives, which are, in turn, directly commercially beneficial. The role of UBU Investments is to assist such large enterprises in identifying stable national interests, the fulfilment of which offers positive spin-offs both for Government and the enterprise.

These national interests include the establishment of new enterprises; the enhancement of the technological capacity of the economy; and high-level skills generation, both in the form of process management and human resources. Again, all these are areas in which the shareholders of UBU Investment Holdings have direct experience.

To summarise, Governments, especially in developing economies, have both an economic and a political interest in strategic enterprises and their activities in the economy. This means that large enterprises have to forge partnerships with Government and UBU Investments' competitive advantage is a deep understanding of the imperatives of both the private and the public sector. The optimum situation, especially in the case of large enterprises, is that their activities are sufficiently aligned with the national interest and therefore Government policy, thus creating a virtuous cycle. It is in this area that UBU Investments can effectively assist both government and large enterprises.