What differentiates us?

Our deep commitment to supporting, transforming and diversifying African economies has driven us to pursue game-changing programmes that align economic growth objectives with private sector development and ensure far-reaching economic and social benefit for communities.

Uniquely positioned

We bring our long-standing reputation as thought leaders and our principled relationships with governments and corporates on the African continent to contribute to our clients’ strategies and support collaborations and partnerships.

We have forged quality relationships with large South African industry associations and manufacturers, leading global companies in the energy, transport and automotive sectors and, prominent industry and global institutions.

 Our associates have built networks in strategic and technical areas, leading organisations and assignments in infrastructure development, project management, engineering, financial, tax and regulation across a large variety of sectors.

“Governments, especially in developing economies, have both an economic and a political interest in strategic enterprises and their activities in the economy. It is equally beneficial for large enterprises to adopt a proactive stance towards government policy and take a leadership position in developing initiatives that are aligned to government policy and objectives. The optimum situation, especially in the case of large enterprises, is that their activities are sufficiently aligned with the national interest and therefore government policy, thus creating a virtuous cycle.”

Our Expertise


Our clients benefit from the advice of our top experts who have led and managed large organisations both in the public sector as well as leading international engineering, energy and financial institutions.


Our core team has had unparalleled expertise in the design and implementation of industrial policies, economic and business strategy and direct experience in planning, negotiating, contracting and managing public and public-private sector investments in the infrastructure and industrial sectors, sets us apart.


We utilise our select pool of technical experts who boast a proven track record with leading African and global companies in the energy, rail, ICT, project finance, legal, capacity building, and spatial planning sectors.



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