Our Projects

Below is a synopsis of two of our large current advisory projects.


1.1 Togo Transport Corridor

The concept of a Togo Transport Corridor arose from an initial economic assessment and analysis that was done under the aegis of the office of the President and for the Togo Presidential Investment Advisory Council.

The Togo Transport Corridor centres on the construction of a new heavy haul railway line in combination with upgrades of road and telecommunication infrastructure systems that extend from the Port of Lomé to the Northern border post of Cinkassé and cover a distance of about 760km. It is a focused intervention that aims to support the development and growth of the Togolese economy, cross-border trade and the growth of the economies of the hinterland of Togo by developing strategic infrastructure and investment in large-scale anchor projects.

UBU has assisted in developing the following key components:

a. Establishing Togo Invest
To realise the Togo Transport Corridor requires careful and detailed planning and coordination within government. The first priority is to set up an effective institutional structure to ensure such planning and coordination and to implement complex projects. The establishment of Togo Invest as a state-owned holding company is the initial step and forms the institutional foundation for the Togo Corridor. The state-owned company will manage the investment and development of the transport, energy and mining elements of the Togo Corridor, will own key assets and will be the main concessionaire for infrastructure projects. UBU was responsible for developing the institutional and legal and governance framework, working with the Togolese government to establish the company and helping to operationalise Togo Invest.

b. Transport Infrastructure
The transport infrastructure project is the backbone on which the Corridor concept rests. It comprises two large components:

• Rail: Building a heavy haul rail system which links the Port of Lomé to the iron ore mine in the Bassar region and the town of Cinkassé, situated on the border of Togo and Burkina Faso.

• Port: Expanding and improving capacity for the Port of Lomé and a new port at Kpémé through the development of a bulk mineral storage facility. UBU is assisting with project preparation including prefeasibility and feasibility analysis among others.

c. Mining
Anchor projects underpin and support the business case for strategic infrastructure investments funded through Public Private Partnerships. A large-scale metal ore project forms a key potential revenue stream for the Corridor.

UBU has also been involved in advising on draft legislation along with developing the metal ore mining project.

d. Power
UBU has originated a power project which is now in development to meet forecast domestic electricity demand but also increased demand associated with new economic activity associated with the Togo Corridor.



1.2 Nigeria Automotive Development Programme

UBU is the technical advisor to the Nigerian Automotive Council and the Minister of International Trade and Investment of Nigeria in the development of the Nigerian Automotive Industry Development Plan (NAIDP).

The NAIDP includes a comprehensive set of policy measures and incentives aimed at developing an automotive industry in the Nigerian economy which has a population of some 160 million.

The programme includes work on tariffs and rebate structures, mechanisms and regulations for new and second hand vehicle import control, investment incentives for automotive and component manufacturers among others. Helping to consolidate and strengthen existing state institutions that support the programme is a key component of the advisory support.

The project also includes the technical facilitation of an Automotive Cooperation programme between the Nigerian and South African governments as well as engaging several original automotive manufacturers based in South Africa with the view of attracting investment into Nigeria.