Projects in policy and economic planning, TRIMs, transport and energy infrastructure, auto programmes in South Africa and abroad.

Research and conceptualisation of the Togo Transport Corridor for the Office of the President in the Republic of Togo.

Leading a Technical Assistance team to support the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Ghana to implement policy mechanisms for the implementation of the Ghana Automotive Development programme.

Developing the policy framework for the Nigeria Automotive Development Programme, for the Nigerian Ministry of Trade and Investment.

Along with the AAAM and B&M Analysts, co-creating the concept of the African AutoPact, which has now been adopted by the Department of Trade and Industry. The AutoPact programme Phase 1 was completed in July 2019. (highway pic)

Overseeing a rail corridor pre-feasibility study, focusing in the land-based transport infrastructure for Togo Invest.

Research and development of a proposal to reform the Autonomous Port of Lome for Togo Invest.

Development of the Ghana Automotive Development Programme, a comprehensive policy package comprising Trade Related Investment Measures, provisions for customs, standards and homologation, vehicle finance and capacity building for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Ghana.

Facilitation and advocacy programme for labour and Automotive OEM’s for the implementation of the South African Automotive Masterplan.

Advocacy work with governments and auto sector leaders to achieve the objectives of the African Association of Automotive Manufacturers 

Development of a concept for an industrial development zone to cater for an integrated services and logistics hub to accommodate various manufacturers and traders, for Togo Invest (infra node)

Overseeing the Lome Port Prefeasibility Study, focusing on the port infrastructure for the export of iron ore for Togo Invest.

Developing the institutional and legal and governance framework for Togo Invest, the state-owned holding company responsible for the Togo Corridor. 

Designing a Social Transformation Fund for the South African automotive industry to support the implementation of the South African Automotive Masterplan.

The development of the special economic zone to include various industrial and commercial projects, helping facilitate the partnership with China Merchants Port Holdings, who is a now a partner in the Special Economic Zone around the Port of Lome. 

Policy support for the AAAM and the governments of Kenya and Egypt on automotive programmes

Designing and executing a two-phase exploration programme on the iron ore resource in the Bassar region, for the Presidency in Togo.

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