UBU Logistics is a fully owned subsidiary of UBU Investment Holdings. Appointed by the Department of Mineral Resources in July 2011, UBU Logistics currently provides administrative services for the Quattro Programme, which provides an opportunity for black junior miners to export up to 4 million tonnes of anthracite and thermal coal annually.

Administrative services include:

Liaising with key stakeholders on behalf of Quattro members.

Assisting Transnet Freight Rail with train allocation in order to provide for sufficient stock.

Managing stockpile space at Richards Bay Coal Terminal for both anthracite and thermal coal members in terms of stock space, quality, ensuring members maintain RB1 specification parameters and ensuring that members move stock regularly.

Penalising or rewarding members based on the quality of coal railed.

Reallocating supply to other members on a Use it or Lose it temporary basis.

Assisting members with port export documentation.

Compiling reports on railed and exported tonnage.